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Why Do We Shoot? Episode 10 Tries to Answer That


Never stop asking why or questioning yourself. Don't let it be a barricade to making art but let it be an inspiration and a drive to keep going.

Why do we shoot? There are so many reasons: from helping to overcome tough times to being inspired by others to ‘just because’. In today’s episode (#10 – yay us!!) we share what has brought each of us to this point in our photographic and artistic lives.

We’ll be honest, at times we may ramble a bit and, quite frankly, today’s episode probably raises more questions for us than it answers so we’ve decided that this is our “lost episode.” Have you been wondering why Rob is drawn to his exploration of figure studies and minimalism? Why does Tony focus so much on alternative print processes? Great questions and this is the episode where you get to start learning about us.

Thanks to everyone who has already become a loyal listener of our show – we really appreciate.

Oh, and a note to our listeners, don’t forget to join our Flickr group, follow Rob, Tony, and the show on Twitter, and if you are a woman with a background in dance or yoga and would like to work with Rob on some of his work in the studio, drop us a line.

Oh, and we finally start to show TAI some love.

Tonight’s featured photographer is Abelardo Morell
Our featured artist is Richard MacDonald (site auto-plays music)

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Our Second Episode – Are We Legit Yet?

Number two is in the can! (See what I did there?)  Today’s topics include the critique; why critiquing the technical aspects of a photo is only half the equation, why it’s good to be Edward Weston, and a rant about people who don’t understand what post-processing is all about.

Here’s the article we discuss: 10 Ways to Critique a Photo

Photos we critiqued:

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