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How Important is Knowing Photo History? Episode 68

The guys discuss how important it is to know the history of photography. Is it important to know the history of our craft? As you listen to today’s show, you’ll realize that it depends on who you ask. A lot of different opinions  in this show.

Is art a living thing? Does it matter if you never pay attention to other photographers? Can your art progress in a vacuum?

That’s the topic for today – whether or not it’s important for our own photography to study the photographers who have come before us.


What do you think? Let us know!

Oh, and please help us out by using our affiliate links on our page! kthxbye!

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Legacy, Photography, and Va… WHAT? Episode 63

A Legacy of Images

Legacy? We have a legacy?

In tonight’s show, we get off to a weird and dark start (lots of swearing, WARNING) with the introduction and pwncasting  (that’s where we sucker some unsuspecting person who innocently logged into Skype into joining us) of “The Nuge”! Thanks man, that was fun. BTW, the rest of the pre-show banter was recorded and is at the end of the show.

After that we settle into our normal routine and Tony asks us about what we think our legacy will be and, perhaps, what it already is. How about you? What do you see your photographic legacy being? Do you even think you’ll have one? Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are. We’d love to have the conversation! Continue reading »

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A Retrospect – 1+41=42, Episode 42

Looking Back

Tonight is a different show. Any fool can take a look back at earlier shows when they hit a special milestone but it takes creative and talented fools to do it when there’s no particular reason. And we are, if nothing else, creative and talented fools! So, we took the opportunity this week to do a retrospect. Continue reading »

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Photography Today, Is It Killing Off the Dinosaurs? Part 2

Photography? No, really, we do talk about it eventually! As usual, the guys take the long way around to getting on topic as we have our usual discussion about what we’re drinking, why Rick will eventually play all seven dwarfs, whether Rob or Tony has the larger breasts and, well, you know by now…

Oh, and thanks to Mr. Sadie Breeze for preventing brain damage.

Photography, Dinosaurs, and When You Won’t Change

After the last episode’s emotional tirade about whether or not the photography industry still needs a traditional sales force, things come down in this second part. Instead, we talk about whether the film shooters and even the dSLR users today are being left behind by the advances of technology. Is there still a place for traditional print portraits? Is there still room for the fine artists? How about the RAW vs JPG argument: is that argument going to be irrelevant in the near future? And what about those guys who insist on only selling prints and not providing CDs? That’s an issue we need to deal with.

Let’s face it, photography is indeed changing and, as much as we want to believe differently, we don’t have the actual answers about what will still be viable five years from now. But one thing is clear – if you’re not going to be a visionary in photography then you’ll end up a dinosaur and, historically, we now how that ends.

Artists of the Fortnight

Dennis Hopper's photographyTony points us toward the amazing photography of Dennis Hopper. Sadly, Dennis is no longer with us but his work in photography remains with us. Rob believes that actors often make great photographers because they live their lives being creative. Regardless of why, Hopper himself has a body of work that is poignant and strong. Anybody who wants to get into the fine art side of portrait photography would do well to take a good long look at Dennis Hopper’s work.

For our artist, we look at the well-known Rembrandt. If there was ever a true Renaissance Man, Rembrandt was it. Schooled in math, science, art, literature and history, Rembrandt used that learning to develop a style of portraiture known for its sharpness and, of course, it’s lighting.

Don’t forget – Our Photography Book Review

Head on over to www.PolarizingImages.com now and take part in our book discussion, The Art of Photography!

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Episode 34: Photography Is All About… SQUIRREL!

Elisha and Anne: are you available next week?

Tony is out sick for this episode and it’s left to Rick and Rob to record the show. Listen to what happens when two guys with attention deficit issues try to remain focused on a conversation. Witness for yourself Rob’s amazing talent of taking 5 minutes to set up a 5 second answer or Rick giving an awesome answer that has nothing to do with the question.

It’s a rather personal show, with R² (that’s shorthand for Rick and Rob) discussing their goals for 2013, their regrets of the past year, and their dream assignment. Of course, there is the usual oddball stuff liberally strewn throughout.

BTW, since we forgot to do the opening segment, Rob was drinking whiskey and Rick was drinking his homebrew. So now you know.

What else do we talk about? Well:

  • The difference between allowing mistakes and accepting mistakes
  • How the business of photography interferes with the art of photography
  • Can a style atrophy if you’re not careful?
  • Buy stuff from our CafePress Store (it’s a recurring theme)
  • Will Rob continue with figure studies in 2013?
  • Why photography can still be a viable profession
  • How the opening sequence to our first episode was like Masterpiece Theatre… on quaaludes


There’s neither a featured photographer nor artist this week but that will be back.

Happy New Year and, before we forget again, it’s absolutely critical that you never, ever… oh look, a puppy!

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Networking – Episode #33, Networking with Other Photographers

How Important is Networking?

Networking? Really? Yeah, believe it or not, a lot of photographers (the three of us included) are firmly of the opinion that our art, skills, and techniques can only improve when we’re willing to talk to other photographers. Whether we are giving/receiving critiques, asking/answering questions, or just shooting the shit with other people behind the lens, networking is where we grow.

We’ve bitched (a lot, actually) about those shooters who keep everything to themselves and refuse to share their “secrets”. To those guys (and, yeah, they’re almost always guys) we say, “spoiler alert – your secrets are nothing more than cobbled-together tricks you read in widely available books.” So get over yourselves.

As Rob points out, this podcast only exists because Tony believes in networking with other photographers and Rob believes in the same. Think about some of the great guests we’ve had on the show: from Ted Forbes to Giulio Sciorio to Steven Chappell: all great photographers who also understand the importance of collaborating.

I could go on, but you get the point! BTW, speaking of collaborating, don’t forget to leave a comment or call our line and leave a message.

Our Artists

Today's topic is networking with other photographers.

Leonard Nimoy’s Shekhina

With two of the three guys being Trekkies, it’s a good thing that the third (Rob) is writing the show notes – that’s how we’ve avoided the obvious Star Trek references when we look at our highlighted photographer, Leonard Nimoy. Tony and Rick are both wrong when they guess that Rob’s main attraction to Mr Nimoy’s photography is the dance section. Nope, gotta check out Shekina. It’s his interpretation of the feminine nature of God. With a fine art twist, of course! Like his work or not, Rob is completely entranced with his photography!

Rick, keeping with his “Seriously, WTF?!” artist theme, chose the director David Lynch as the featured artist. From Twin Peaks to Blue Velvet, Lynch’s non-traditional approach to film making is a real inspiration not only to the three guys but should be to all photographers (and artists) looking to work outside of that proverbial “box”. Nimoy and Lynch, as artists, may be too famous for networking with but there are plenty of artists who are following their paths. We just have to find them and learn to trust their vision.

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Why Do We Shoot? Episode 10 Tries to Answer That


Never stop asking why or questioning yourself. Don't let it be a barricade to making art but let it be an inspiration and a drive to keep going.

Why do we shoot? There are so many reasons: from helping to overcome tough times to being inspired by others to ‘just because’. In today’s episode (#10 – yay us!!) we share what has brought each of us to this point in our photographic and artistic lives.

We’ll be honest, at times we may ramble a bit and, quite frankly, today’s episode probably raises more questions for us than it answers so we’ve decided that this is our “lost episode.” Have you been wondering why Rob is drawn to his exploration of figure studies and minimalism? Why does Tony focus so much on alternative print processes? Great questions and this is the episode where you get to start learning about us.

Thanks to everyone who has already become a loyal listener of our show – we really appreciate.

Oh, and a note to our listeners, don’t forget to join our Flickr group, follow Rob, Tony, and the show on Twitter, and if you are a woman with a background in dance or yoga and would like to work with Rob on some of his work in the studio, drop us a line.

Oh, and we finally start to show TAI some love.

Tonight’s featured photographer is Abelardo Morell
Our featured artist is Richard MacDonald (site auto-plays music)

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People On the Other Side of the Lens

Holy shit – almost an hour and a half?! But it’s worth it, trust me… Topics today include dealing with the different types of people who land in front of your lens and how to help them relax and enjoy the photo shoot. Rob surprises an unsuspecting and long-lost friend and then Tony asks her to reveal what would creep her out. Surprise, she answers!! Sorry, B_Mo, no Van Heusen shirts here! Internet “models” need not apply.

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Scene 5, Take 2

Yeah, we’re a week late getting the recording out but we’ve dealt with it and so should you! After figuring out our technical issues, we’re back with this week’s topic, the Artist’s Statement. We cover the why and, to a bit, the how of the artist’s statement. Find out, if you don’t have one, why you need one. It’s about legacy, style, and telling people who you really are.

Our featured photographer on this show is Clyde Butcher and our artist is Brett Whitely. Word of caution, Whitley’s web site automatically starts playing an audio track of the artist speaking so turn off your speakers or jump to another page to make it stop!

B_Mo, you know we’ve mentioned you, so we know you’re going to listen…

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Rants and opinions on post-production (especially poorly done post), several tangents, and what it means to be a professional podcaster – or not. Four episodes later and Tony finally drops an f-bomb while, somewhere in the episode, we mention Brian and TAI. Hey, whatever it takes to get listeners!

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