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If You Couldn’t Shoot, Which Art Medium Would You Pursue? Episode 64

Art. It’s a word that most of us like to use when describing our photography. How many of you refer to yourselves as ‘art photographers’? Rob and Tony do as do countless others. Som with the word “art” in mind, here’s a question for you: if, for whatever reason, you were no longer able to photograph, what type of art would you pursue?

Origami ArtOn today’s show, I don’t think you’ll find many surprises. Tony delves into the world food and stuffing his meat (you gotta listen to understand) specifically. Things get pretty funny and creepy at this point. Rob talks about following his heart and love of the minimal aesthetic in art as it applies to Ikebana and Origami. Rick… yeah, we’re not giving everything away in the show notes, so you have to listen for Rick’s answer.

Now it’s all about sous-vide and chicken custard. Eww.

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Legacy, Photography, and Va… WHAT? Episode 63

A Legacy of Images

Legacy? We have a legacy?

In tonight’s show, we get off to a weird and dark start (lots of swearing, WARNING) with the introduction and pwncasting  (that’s where we sucker some unsuspecting person who innocently logged into Skype into joining us) of “The Nuge”! Thanks man, that was fun. BTW, the rest of the pre-show banter was recorded and is at the end of the show.

After that we settle into our normal routine and Tony asks us about what we think our legacy will be and, perhaps, what it already is. How about you? What do you see your photographic legacy being? Do you even think you’ll have one? Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are. We’d love to have the conversation!

So, we’re also dropping the “featured artist and photographer” segment. It’s run its course and we found ourselves struggling to choose one each episode, so it’s kind of hard to say you find someone’s work “inspirational” when you only learned about them 20 minutes earlier. We hope you don’t mind.

Finally, we’re looking for input. We’re coming up on our three year anniversary (can you believe it) and the format needs to evolve more than just change. We’re thinking of adding more chatter about our hobbies and what we’re doing in the rest of our lives in addition. Don’t worry, we’ll still have a main topic for each show but the three of us aren’t feeling like we’re properly engaging you. We’re open to new thoughts and ideas so please give us some feedback of the kinds of shows you have liked, the types of episodes you don’t, and anything else you think would add to the show’s experience.

As always, thanks for listening and being a part of our world.

Rob, Rick, and Tony.

P.S. – Dear Nuge, never bring up the French!

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A Hobby, A Book, and Something Else That Inspires – Episode 62

What inspires you, I mean besides photography?

Rounding out the who “seven questions” series we did, Tony thought we should tell more about ourselves and what inspires us. But, this time, talk about the non-photography related things that inspire our photography. Specifically, he wanted us to reveal one hobby, one book and one other thing (yeah, it is annoyingly vague). So we did.

From cooking and brewing (of course) to graphic novels and a children’s book, we’re a pretty eclectic mix of guys. I think that’s why it works so well. As Rob points out, everything we have done, everything we have experienced, everything we have learned to any given point in life can be seen in the art. So don’t think being passionate about golfing doesn’t inspire your creativity!

And, for fuck’s sake – show some passion, will you?

inspiresOur Artist

Only had one artist today – the Knoll brothers. Back in 1987, these guys created Photoshop. So, love the state of digital photography today or hate it, these two guys have played a role in how you look at a photography.

What do you think? What inspires you? What else do you do?

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Should We Care About Whether Photoshop Was Used? Episode 60

This show is pretty late in coming out and I (Rob) have a perfectly good reason – I kinda forgot to put it out.

Anyway, great show tonight with a discussion on whether or not it’s still relevant to ask the question, “did they use Photoshop?” I had a conversation on twitter with a group of photographers on Twitter and it started off with a conversation about images that are staged or posed and, of course, it moved on to post-production. Then one of the other guys tosses this out, “Its deciding where photography ends and Photoshop wizadry starts.”

To which I asked, ” is that question still relevant?”

Think about when you listen to music – do you care which microphone or production software was used in making the final recording? Do you care about the process that the production engineer used? Of course not. When you look at a sculpture, do you care which chisels and hammers the artist used? Other than a curiosity in how something was achieved, of course we don’t care. We focus on the final piece.

So why is it that photographers have such a stick up their (okay, our) asses about the process by which a piece of art/photography is created? Did they use Photoshop? And don’t say that we don’t – we really do!

What do you think – if we are trying to produce art and are thinking/visualizing the final image when we capture it and/or manipulate it with software afterward, does it matter?

No, it doesn’t. So maybe it’s time that we collectively pull our heads out of our butts and just appreciate good imagery for the art that it is.

BTW, here are the guys I was speaking with – give them a follow on Twitter: @Cliffyboy13, @Basssn1, @photojack, @MelJD46, and @stevehuntphoto.

And, as always, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Tonight’s Artists

Easton Chang – an Australian photographer who shoots cars and has done some amazing Formula 1 stuff. Care to guess who chose him?

Grant Achatz – A Chicago chef recently in the news for his ranting about children (babies) being in his restaurant. Regardless of your thoughts on this controversy, he’s a culinary visionary. Watch his YouTube video:

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Let’s Get Some Questions Answered – Episode 57

Hey friends, We Have a Question!

We’re trying something new over the next few episodes and this starts it off. Instead of a “topic”, we’re each taking a turn and asking the other two a bunch of questions and giving each a maximum of three minutes per answer. So, in this episode, Rob has six questions that he asks Rick and Tony who, by the way, have no idea what the questions are. The questions run the gamut from personal opinion to industry predictions and the guys do a great job of thinking and answering on their feet.

And, as you listen to the very beginning of the questions, you’ll hear just how “in the dark” Rick and Tony are!

Here’s what Rick and Tony answer this episode:

  1. What are the three biggest mistakes you’ve made in the past with your photography?
  2. What are the three largest successes you’ve had in the past?
  3. If you could change one thing about your photography, what would it be?
  4. Where do you think photography will be in five years?
  5. What is the biggest thing to have happened in photography?
  6. Which artist is your biggest influence for your photography?

Next episode will be Rick’s turn to put Rob and Tony on the hot seat!

Our Artists

Warewan ni Byaku by Riusuke FukahoriWe’re back with both a photographer and an artist to highlight. The photographer for this show is Sandy Skoglund – a modern day surrealist who, unlike her earlier peers, manages to keep the subject matter lighthearted and bright. We all really like her work and it may have something to do with… SQUIRREL! Search her site, you’ll find the image we’re talking about.

Moving on, we look at Japanese painter Riusuke Fukahori. He paints goldfish but they’re three-dimensional and painted on/with resin and inside of traditional Japanese containers. The results are breathtaking – make sure you watch the short video.


Whaddya think? Were their answers good, bad, or irrelevant? Let us know in the comments, okay? Thanks for listening.

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How Did Playboy Become Irrelevant? Episode 54

It’s Vegas, Baby! We take a look at a well-known “empire” today and talk about how it is no longer relevant as a vehicle for social change like it once was.

Topics today include:

  • A Vegas trip report – and visit our site for a few shots of Vegas!
  • When do you prefer to photograph Vegas?
  • When did Playboy magazine lose its relevance and stop being cutting edge?
  • What’s the lesson for all photographers in the demise of Playboy magazine?
  • The fine line between having a style and being in a rut, and who is Pompeo Posar?

Nothing like a fine-crafted cigar; it’s a lifestyle choice my friends and, yup, there’s a photography hook to it!

How about you folks? When was the last time you flipped through the pages of Playboy (or Maxim or Penthouse or…) and found yourself shocked or, at the very least, engaged by something you saw? Let us know in the comments below.


All photos © 2013, Rob Domaschuk
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Is Constantly Recording Life Preventing Us From Experiencing It? Episode 53

It’s Called Life, Dammit!

Life. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s awesome, and sometimes it lets you get drunk on Amaretto. Be that as it may, no matter what we do, no matter where we go, we seem to always see people with their damned arms in the air, holding their phones and taking video/pictures of whatever the hell is happening around them. And we do it, too. But should we? Are we so concerned about recording life as it happens that we’re no longer actually experiencing it? Yeah, we think we are. And that shit has to stop.

Experience life

We’re all about taking pictures and being recorders of history but let’s also make sure that we are no disengaging from life and no longer making history.

Seriously,we need to cut that shit out.

Our Artists

Today, we look at Marc Hauser, one of the pioneer modern-day portrait photographers. His ability to capture people in real-life poses and expressions makes for some of the most captivating images we’ve seen in a long time. He’s a helluva shooter and a trip through his galleries is worth 30 minutes of your life.

And then Rick throws us a curve ball. After introducing us to several macabre artists and other “interesting” characters over the past couple of years, he chooses Mr. Americana himself, Norman Rockwell. But hey, it’s about life, right?

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Is That Your Style or Are You In a Rut? Episode 52

StyleStyle? Or a Rut?

Style – it’s a word we use on a regular basis to describe our artistry. hell, even in our previous shows we’ve talked about how important it is to have a definitive style in photography. But, can that style become a crutch for never evolving? Can we get stuck in our own artistic rut and happily… ignorantly continue on while thinking we’re just maintaining our “style”?

That’s the topic for this episode and even the three of us have a hard time figuring  it out. And do we even answer the two critical questions: how do we identify when we’re stuck and how do we power through it?

Whatever. How about you, our intelligent and sober (presumably) listeners weigh in and tell us what you think!

Tonight’s Artists

Taking a good look at a young Canadian director and film maker (who just happens to be related to one of the co-hosts), Miles Jay. Specifically, we’re highlighting a short film he directed called Hollywood and Vines. It’s short (4:30) and constructed entirely with clips from Vine. Pretty awesome and, for those of you who think social media is a passing fad and its impact on visual arts is unimpressive, guess again. Watch the video below.

As for our “other medium” artist? Tony chose (so you know it’s gonna be fucked up) Rockstar Games. Who? The gaming geniuses behind Grand Theft Auto 5. Seriously, it’s a pretty amazing game! Check out this review.

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Hello? Jobs, Where Are You? Episode 51

Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

There are some among us who remember the good old days where you could be a full-time photographer and making some pretty serious money. But, in light of a variety of factors, it would seem that jobs are quickly disappearing. Or, at least, jobs that paid enough to live off of. Between everyone having a camera that’s capable of compensating for mediocre skills, money-making moves by newspapers to eliminate their photojournalists, to saturated markets, etc. are there jobs to be had?

Is a job in photography as much an antiquity as old cars?It may not be as bleak an outlook as a lot of people fear.

Today we talk about the the state of the wedding photography industry, photojournalism, fine art photography, and commercial photography. We’re not in complete agreement on everything but we certainly see some bright spots.

Here’s a tip to keeping, or finding, your photography career: learn video.

No artist or photographer today as we spent a lot of time on the topic.

And, please, leave us a comment! Are you looking for a job in the industry or are you trying to figure out how to keep it? We want to hear from you!

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Has Photography Been Impacted by Casual Photographers? – Episode 49

casual photographs are important for capturing memories

Nice snapshot, Patch!

What the Hell is a Casual Photographer?

Sorry for missing an episode and, as they say, “Sorry For Your Luck”

Normally, we discuss the art of photography from the perspective of the professional and enthusiast photographer. But what about all those other people (and there are a lot of them) for whom photography isn’t a hobby? We’re talking about those folks who carry around a camera (or smart phone) for the purpose of taking casual snapshots of their friends at a bar, uploading them to social media sites and then doing nothing else with them.

In today’s topic, we look at how the “casual photographer” has impacted photography and, more to the point, how the photography industry has changed as it has adapted to meet their needs. This was all inspired by a picture that Patch tweeted to us. We may have railed against sites like Instagram and Facebook before on the show, but we’re coming around and seeing the value and importance of them as people record their everyday activities and relationships.

What do you think? Leave us a comment and tell us if you think that photography has been positively impacted by all of this.

Our Artists

Once again, we feature a musician as our artist of the fortnight. Rick chose Michael Jackson (yes, that MJ) and we talk about whether music changed because of him or did he change because of the music industry. By “we”, Rick and Tony talk about it while Rob showed his disdain for MJ by tuning out and surfing 500px.

Our featured photographer, however, is a phenomenal food photographer, Marcus Nillson. His portraits of chefs, particularly of Jose Andres, are simply brilliant. Check him out!

Hey Tony, let someone else talk, will ya?

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