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Episode LAST! Goodbye, Farewell, Adios

And… we’re out.

Some sound clips, some memories, and some great times. A long farewell tonight but it’s worth it. To all of our listeners, a heartfelt thanks from all of us. We’ve had a great time, enjoyed offering the show, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

A fond farewell to the friends of our show like Sorry for Your Luck, Liam, Grammar Nazi, Brian, Jason, Jayda, Ivan, and Ted. Our success was due, in no small part, to your input.


See you on the next podcast, whenever (and whatever) it may be.


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I Hate It… I Love It… It’s Episode 61

Finally, Tony reveals the answer to the great question, what did he mean when he said Grammar Nazi knows a think or two about self-abuse? And Rob compliments the contrast. It’s something we love… Continue reading »

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Fine Art Photography – Is It Still Viable?

Dear friends, you will notice three differences in today’s photography podcast:

  1. Rick is missing (he’s in Naw’lins) but we’ve got an amazing guest to fill his shoes.
  2. There’s no featured artist or photographer this week as our guest, on behalf of galleries, features all artists.
  3. 95% of the show features intelligence and well-articulated thoughts – because our guest spoke for 94.5% of the show! But don’t worry, bizarre behavior and poorly-formatted thoughts will return next episode! Continue reading »
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Episode 34: Photography Is All About… SQUIRREL!

Elisha and Anne: are you available next week?

Tony is out sick for this episode and it’s left to Rick and Rob to record the show. Listen to what happens when two guys with attention deficit issues try to remain focused on a conversation. Witness for yourself Rob’s amazing talent of taking 5 minutes to set up a 5 second answer or Rick giving an awesome answer that has nothing to do with the question.

It’s a rather personal show, with R² (that’s shorthand for Rick and Rob) discussing their goals for 2013, their regrets of the past year, and their dream assignment. Of course, there is the usual oddball stuff liberally strewn throughout.

BTW, since we forgot to do the opening segment, Rob was drinking whiskey and Rick was drinking his homebrew. So now you know.

What else do we talk about? Well:

  • The difference between allowing mistakes and accepting mistakes
  • How the business of photography interferes with the art of photography
  • Can a style atrophy if you’re not careful?
  • Buy stuff from our CafePress Store (it’s a recurring theme)
  • Will Rob continue with figure studies in 2013?
  • Why photography can still be a viable profession
  • How the opening sequence to our first episode was like Masterpiece Theatre… on quaaludes


There’s neither a featured photographer nor artist this week but that will be back.

Happy New Year and, before we forget again, it’s absolutely critical that you never, ever… oh look, a puppy!

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Video Killed the Photography Star… [Cue 80s Music] – Episode 27

Video Becoming Common?

Is video going to be the end of still photography? Does video present an opportunity for the professional photographer? Do we apply the same level of quality to a video as we do to stills?

This week, the guys chat – and argue – about the role of video in today’s photography. It’s a good thing and we all agree on that, but how do we introduce it to clients and how to offer it in a package sows some seeds of discord. But video is definitely here to stay; Rob and Rick think that photographers definitely need to shit or get off the pot! Tony argues that the true value for a client comes from hiring a videographer who specializes in the art.

We know that a lot of you are going to disagree with us about the role and importance of video and that’s cool. Rob and Rick are pretty certain that the days of the traditional digital SLR are numbered and it’s the focus on video by the manufacturers that is going to bring about the new technologies. Don’t believe us? Look at the number of new mirror-less cameras coming to market versus the number of new dSLR bodies. And there’s not a single manufacturer who isn’t working on it. But it’s video-capable cameras that are allowing this new change. Just watch!

Our Artists

Our photographer of the fortnight (thanks Tony) is erotic portraitist Aeric Meredith-Goujon. Not Safe For Work!! Rob decided that we’ve spent a lot of time looking at great photographers whose work, although wonderful, is “safe”. But what about those photographers who don’t work in the mainstream? They often have to do it better and more consistently than the rest because of the amount of judgement based on the content. The images in her Erotic Portraits sets will not be for everybody and if you’re easily offended… well, if you’re easily offended we’re surprised you’re listening to our show! But, if you are, be forewarned. There are sexually explicit images, images of piercings, and violence. If you can get over the content (if you’re not already cool with it), you’ll see a wonderfully experimental photography with an obvious mastery of light.

Okay, this has nothing to do with video and everything to do with creative influences.Our artist this week is Credence Clearwater Revival. Tony, ever the musical one of the group, once again looks to musical artists. He talks about how he grew up listening to their music as his mom was a huge fan and that she was a creative influence on him. Since he associates CCR with his mom and growing up, it’s not a stretch to understand why he chose them.

See you next week for our shooting event when Tony is in town!

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Shooting the Fine Art Nude – From the Other Side of the Lens

The Nude Model

An hour and a half? We could have kept this one going for hours!

Okay, we’re talking about nude photography again, just like we did back in episode 12. Well, not exactly like we did back then. Jayda, an art model that Rob recently worked with, drops by the show to answer the guys’ questions and offers her own insight into what it is like to be a nude model. She adds a whole new (and welcome) dynamic about the topic and you don’t have to listen to the three sausages talk about nudes!

Alternative print process – the fine art nude

Have you wondered what a model looks for when deciding to work with a photographer? Or to what level a model may want to collaborate on an image or in the entire shoot? Or what the model expects from the shoot? Or how awkward Rob, Tony, and Rick get when talking to a girl? Then this show will answer those questions, and more.

A huge thanks to Jayda for providing such a well-articulated insight into the life and world of one art model.

Folks, this show is a keeper!


Following on the theme of fine art and nudity, we look at the painter Pierre-Phillipe Renoir and the photographer Nadav Kander. How have we not talked about Renoir before?

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Art – Can the Creation Of It Be The Actual Art? Episode 18 Says “Yes”

Art – it’s what this is all about, right? Damned straight, skippy!

We get off to a slightly rough start this week, but there’s a reason – Rick was drunk and Rob wasn’t. After we get the universe sorted out, we quickly get into our usual flow and have an amazing discussion (if we say so ourselves) about whether or not the mere act of creating art can be the art itself.

What, exactly, makes something “art”?

Never let anyone say that a portrait can't be art

Never let anyone say that a portrait can't be art

After watching a documentary on Spencer Tunick’s Naked States – a state by state journey through the US photographing everyday (yet remarkable) people – Rob was struck by the number of the subjects who talked about how posing for Tunick’s art project was a healing and powerful experience. And that got him thinking (which always is a good idea, right?) If the therapeutic aspect of the project was in the creation of the work then maybe, from an art therapy perspective, the real art is in the creation and not necessarily the final print.

That leads us down some interesting paths as we talk about whether a blind person can create art if they are not physically engaged with the medium and the healing power of being an art subject. Rob opens up about the real strength and joy of his work!

Our photographer and artist of the week

Tony introduces us to the wonderful work of Irving Penn. From his Wiki Page:

(June 16, 1917 – October 7, 2009[1]) was an American photographer most known for his fashion photographyportraits, and still lifes. Penn’s career included work at Vogue magazine, and independent advertising work for clients including Issey Miyake, and Clinique. His work has been exhibited internationally, and continues to inform the art of photography even after his death.

Our artist of the week is the well-known and very talented jazz  musician Miles Davis. Considered to be one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, his penchant for creating something new from nothing is an inspiration to all artists, including photographers.

**Don’t forget to visit our site and make your purchases through our affiliate links ***

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People On the Other Side of the Lens

Holy shit – almost an hour and a half?! But it’s worth it, trust me… Topics today include dealing with the different types of people who land in front of your lens and how to help them relax and enjoy the photo shoot. Rob surprises an unsuspecting and long-lost friend and then Tony asks her to reveal what would creep her out. Surprise, she answers!! Sorry, B_Mo, no Van Heusen shirts here! Internet “models” need not apply.

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