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A Hobby, A Book, and Something Else That Inspires – Episode 62

What inspires you, I mean besides photography?

Rounding out the who “seven questions” series we did, Tony thought we should tell more about ourselves and what inspires us. But, this time, talk about the non-photography related things that inspire our photography. Specifically, he wanted us to reveal one hobby, one book and one other thing (yeah, it is annoyingly vague). So we did.

From cooking and brewing (of course) to graphic novels and a children’s book, we’re a pretty eclectic mix of guys. I think that’s why it works so well. As Rob points out, everything we have done, everything we have experienced, everything we have learned to any given point in life can be seen in the art. So don’t think being passionate about golfing doesn’t inspire your creativity!

And, for fuck’s sake – show some passion, will you?

inspiresOur Artist

Only had one artist today – the Knoll brothers. Back in 1987, these guys created Photoshop. So, love the state of digital photography today or hate it, these two guys have played a role in how you look at a photography.

What do you think? What inspires you? What else do you do?

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Is That Your Style or Are You In a Rut? Episode 52

StyleStyle? Or a Rut?

Style – it’s a word we use on a regular basis to describe our artistry. hell, even in our previous shows we’ve talked about how important it is to have a definitive style in photography. But, can that style become a crutch for never evolving? Can we get stuck in our own artistic rut and happily… ignorantly continue on while thinking we’re just maintaining our “style”?

That’s the topic for this episode and even the three of us have a hard time figuring  it out. And do we even answer the two critical questions: how do we identify when we’re stuck and how do we power through it?

Whatever. How about you, our intelligent and sober (presumably) listeners weigh in and tell us what you think!

Tonight’s Artists

Taking a good look at a young Canadian director and film maker (who just happens to be related to one of the co-hosts), Miles Jay. Specifically, we’re highlighting a short film he directed called Hollywood and Vines. It’s short (4:30) and constructed entirely with clips from Vine. Pretty awesome and, for those of you who think social media is a passing fad and its impact on visual arts is unimpressive, guess again. Watch the video below.

As for our “other medium” artist? Tony chose (so you know it’s gonna be fucked up) Rockstar Games. Who? The gaming geniuses behind Grand Theft Auto 5. Seriously, it’s a pretty amazing game! Check out this review.

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Will Photography Become a Core Competency? Episode #48

Competency in Photography

Courtesy of long-time listener and huge fan of ours (yeah, I am taking liberties but so what?), Ivan, we have tonight’s topic: Might good photography one day become a core competency?

Will photography become more mainstream? Will those of us who see photography as a craft be able to step up and excel? Or does photographic quality continue to slide toward mediocrity?

Or both?

Continue reading »

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When Does the Artistic Outrank the Technical? Episode 46

Artistic? You want artistic? How about Rob opening with the last line of Happy Birthday for Rick’s special day. Although, once you’ve had as many birthdays as Rick has, they’re no longer very special.

Artistic Versus Technical

We’ve had similar conversations before: what’s more important, how do we balance the two, etc. But in tonight’s episode, Continue reading »

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Smart Phones are the New Polaroids – Episode 44

Smart phones are all around us. In the past four years, the number of iPhones, Android-based phones, tabelts, iPads, etc. that people own has grown exponentially. They’re everywhere! Concerts, parks, on trains, in  schools… And one of the main consequences of this is that we are now back in the mode of photography being shared instantly. Sometimes this has enormous social consequences like Continue reading »

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Fine Art Photography – Is It Still Viable?

Dear friends, you will notice three differences in today’s photography podcast:

  1. Rick is missing (he’s in Naw’lins) but we’ve got an amazing guest to fill his shoes.
  2. There’s no featured artist or photographer this week as our guest, on behalf of galleries, features all artists.
  3. 95% of the show features intelligence and well-articulated thoughts – because our guest spoke for 94.5% of the show! But don’t worry, bizarre behavior and poorly-formatted thoughts will return next episode! Continue reading »
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A Retrospect – 1+41=42, Episode 42

Looking Back

Tonight is a different show. Any fool can take a look back at earlier shows when they hit a special milestone but it takes creative and talented fools to do it when there’s no particular reason. And we are, if nothing else, creative and talented fools! So, we took the opportunity this week to do a retrospect. Continue reading »

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It’s All About Context… and the French – Episode 40

Context is King

Okay, for the record, Rick does not hate the French. He seems really intent on convincing us that he doesn’t.

Too few photographers look at their work in the context of the subject or client. What makes an image important to the client or viewer is the broader context and Continue reading »

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Photography Today, Is It Killing Off the Dinosaurs? Part 2

Photography? No, really, we do talk about it eventually! As usual, the guys take the long way around to getting on topic as we have our usual discussion about what we’re drinking, why Rick will eventually play all seven dwarfs, whether Rob or Tony has the larger breasts and, well, you know by now…

Oh, and thanks to Mr. Sadie Breeze for preventing brain damage.

Photography, Dinosaurs, and When You Won’t Change

After the last episode’s emotional tirade about whether or not the photography industry still needs a traditional sales force, things come down in this second part. Instead, we talk about whether the film shooters and even the dSLR users today are being left behind by the advances of technology. Is there still a place for traditional print portraits? Is there still room for the fine artists? How about the RAW vs JPG argument: is that argument going to be irrelevant in the near future? And what about those guys who insist on only selling prints and not providing CDs? That’s an issue we need to deal with.

Let’s face it, photography is indeed changing and, as much as we want to believe differently, we don’t have the actual answers about what will still be viable five years from now. But one thing is clear – if you’re not going to be a visionary in photography then you’ll end up a dinosaur and, historically, we now how that ends.

Artists of the Fortnight

Dennis Hopper's photographyTony points us toward the amazing photography of Dennis Hopper. Sadly, Dennis is no longer with us but his work in photography remains with us. Rob believes that actors often make great photographers because they live their lives being creative. Regardless of why, Hopper himself has a body of work that is poignant and strong. Anybody who wants to get into the fine art side of portrait photography would do well to take a good long look at Dennis Hopper’s work.

For our artist, we look at the well-known Rembrandt. If there was ever a true Renaissance Man, Rembrandt was it. Schooled in math, science, art, literature and history, Rembrandt used that learning to develop a style of portraiture known for its sharpness and, of course, it’s lighting.

Don’t forget – Our Photography Book Review

Head on over to www.PolarizingImages.com now and take part in our book discussion, The Art of Photography!

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Visionaries: Are There Any Visionaries Left in Photography?

Visionaries – It’s a word that evokes a sense of artistry, focus, vision (d’uh) and, apparently, confusion…

Are There Visionaries in Photography?

The guys get down to discussing the finer points of the role of visionaries in photography until they realize that theymay not be talking about the same thing.


Still, the guys have a lively debate about whether or not we can recognize visionaries while they’re actively creating art or if we can only recognize their influence after they’re dead – or at the very least, after the influence is over. Kind of like a gambling streak in Vegas, right? You never know you’re on a streak, you only ever knew that your were on a streak.

And what about the tie, or bond, between visionaries and technology? Can technology create, or destroy, a person’s vision? Or is technology truly just a tool that visionaries can use to bring their vision to life?

Our Artists

Our artists, on one hand, could not be different. But you can easily argue that they are very similar if we look at each one’s influence in their respective worlds. Either way, they are truly visionaries, even if you hate their stuff.

Was Robert Mapplethorpe one of the biggest visionaries of the 20th century?

Robert Mapplethorpe – love him or hate him, you can’t deny the importance that Mapplethorpe has had on the art world. Then, when you realize the time period in which he was most active, you can see see the boundaries that he had to cross and the limitations he had to break through. Definitely check out the documentary on him, Black White + Gray.

Emily Carr is one of Canada’s best known artists, was influenced by both modernism and post-impressionism and that is readily recognizable in her artwork. Her role as one of Canada’s artistic visionaries is still maintained and celebrated today, particularly in the province of British Columbia where she was also influenced by the indigenous peoples of the West Coast.


P.S. – Rick and Tony are totally wrong: Rob is freaking FUNNY!

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