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I Hate It… I Love It… It’s Episode 61

Finally, Tony reveals the answer to the great question, what did he mean when he said Grammar Nazi knows a think or two about self-abuse? And Rob compliments the contrast. It’s something we love… Continue reading »

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Let’s Do MORE Questions and Answers – Episode 58

Well, it’s time for another round of Q&A. This time it falls to Rick to ask Rob and Tony a whole series of questions from Social Media use to what inspires us. We go a bit long and Rick tossed out the three-minute rule a couple of times but he was in charge so that’s allowed.

If you didn’t get to listen to the first set of questions, make sure you go back and listen to episode 57, too. It landed us in Stitcher Radio’s “Top Photography Podcasts“!

EJ Bellocq Questions and Answers

E.J Bellocq, 1912

Here’s what Rob and Tony gave answers to in this episode:

  1. Which social media outlet is having the greatest impact on photography?
  2. How would you describe your style of photography?
  3. What are your top three key factors that make a great photograph?
  4. What stifles your photographic vision?
  5. What inspires your photographic vision?
  6. Light or shadow?
  7. What was your first photograph (that wasn’t just a snapshot)?

And this little experiment winds down with our next episode when it’s Tony’s turn to drag answers out of us!

Our Artists

We travel to the South of the US and back in time to one of the early masters in photography, E.J. Bellocg. Particularly, we look at his set Storyville. Storyville was the legal red-light in New Orleans and this portrait series highlights several prostitutes. It’s a beautiful series that brings the women to life and gives them a place in history.

For our other artists, Tony keeps us in the South and offers up the one and only, Louis Armstrong. Really, even if you’re not into Jazz, Louis Armstrong is iconic and well-known. And loved.


And, remember, we’re looking for your answers to the questions as well. Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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Let’s Get Some Questions Answered – Episode 57

Hey friends, We Have a Question!

We’re trying something new over the next few episodes and this starts it off. Instead of a “topic”, we’re each taking a turn and asking the other two a bunch of questions and giving each a maximum of three minutes per answer. So, in this episode, Rob has six questions that he asks Rick and Tony who, by the way, have no idea what the questions are. The questions run the gamut from personal opinion to industry predictions and the guys do a great job of thinking and answering on their feet.

And, as you listen to the very beginning of the questions, you’ll hear just how “in the dark” Rick and Tony are!

Here’s what Rick and Tony answer this episode:

  1. What are the three biggest mistakes you’ve made in the past with your photography?
  2. What are the three largest successes you’ve had in the past?
  3. If you could change one thing about your photography, what would it be?
  4. Where do you think photography will be in five years?
  5. What is the biggest thing to have happened in photography?
  6. Which artist is your biggest influence for your photography?

Next episode will be Rick’s turn to put Rob and Tony on the hot seat!

Our Artists

Warewan ni Byaku by Riusuke FukahoriWe’re back with both a photographer and an artist to highlight. The photographer for this show is Sandy Skoglund – a modern day surrealist who, unlike her earlier peers, manages to keep the subject matter lighthearted and bright. We all really like her work and it may have something to do with… SQUIRREL! Search her site, you’ll find the image we’re talking about.

Moving on, we look at Japanese painter Riusuke Fukahori. He paints goldfish but they’re three-dimensional and painted on/with resin and inside of traditional Japanese containers. The results are breathtaking – make sure you watch the short video.


Whaddya think? Were their answers good, bad, or irrelevant? Let us know in the comments, okay? Thanks for listening.

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Is Constantly Recording Life Preventing Us From Experiencing It? Episode 53

It’s Called Life, Dammit!

Life. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s awesome, and sometimes it lets you get drunk on Amaretto. Be that as it may, no matter what we do, no matter where we go, we seem to always see people with their damned arms in the air, holding their phones and taking video/pictures of whatever the hell is happening around them. And we do it, too. But should we? Are we so concerned about recording life as it happens that we’re no longer actually experiencing it? Yeah, we think we are. And that shit has to stop.

Experience life

We’re all about taking pictures and being recorders of history but let’s also make sure that we are no disengaging from life and no longer making history.

Seriously,we need to cut that shit out.

Our Artists

Today, we look at Marc Hauser, one of the pioneer modern-day portrait photographers. His ability to capture people in real-life poses and expressions makes for some of the most captivating images we’ve seen in a long time. He’s a helluva shooter and a trip through his galleries is worth 30 minutes of your life.

And then Rick throws us a curve ball. After introducing us to several macabre artists and other “interesting” characters over the past couple of years, he chooses Mr. Americana himself, Norman Rockwell. But hey, it’s about life, right?

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Hello? Jobs, Where Are You? Episode 51

Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

There are some among us who remember the good old days where you could be a full-time photographer and making some pretty serious money. But, in light of a variety of factors, it would seem that jobs are quickly disappearing. Or, at least, jobs that paid enough to live off of. Between everyone having a camera that’s capable of compensating for mediocre skills, money-making moves by newspapers to eliminate their photojournalists, to saturated markets, etc. are there jobs to be had?

Is a job in photography as much an antiquity as old cars?It may not be as bleak an outlook as a lot of people fear.

Today we talk about the the state of the wedding photography industry, photojournalism, fine art photography, and commercial photography. We’re not in complete agreement on everything but we certainly see some bright spots.

Here’s a tip to keeping, or finding, your photography career: learn video.

No artist or photographer today as we spent a lot of time on the topic.

And, please, leave us a comment! Are you looking for a job in the industry or are you trying to figure out how to keep it? We want to hear from you!

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Smart Phones are the New Polaroids – Episode 44

Smart phones are all around us. In the past four years, the number of iPhones, Android-based phones, tabelts, iPads, etc. that people own has grown exponentially. They’re everywhere! Concerts, parks, on trains, in  schools… And one of the main consequences of this is that we are now back in the mode of photography being shared instantly. Sometimes this has enormous social consequences like Continue reading »

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Photography Today, Is It Killing Off the Dinosaurs? Part 2

Photography? No, really, we do talk about it eventually! As usual, the guys take the long way around to getting on topic as we have our usual discussion about what we’re drinking, why Rick will eventually play all seven dwarfs, whether Rob or Tony has the larger breasts and, well, you know by now…

Oh, and thanks to Mr. Sadie Breeze for preventing brain damage.

Photography, Dinosaurs, and When You Won’t Change

After the last episode’s emotional tirade about whether or not the photography industry still needs a traditional sales force, things come down in this second part. Instead, we talk about whether the film shooters and even the dSLR users today are being left behind by the advances of technology. Is there still a place for traditional print portraits? Is there still room for the fine artists? How about the RAW vs JPG argument: is that argument going to be irrelevant in the near future? And what about those guys who insist on only selling prints and not providing CDs? That’s an issue we need to deal with.

Let’s face it, photography is indeed changing and, as much as we want to believe differently, we don’t have the actual answers about what will still be viable five years from now. But one thing is clear – if you’re not going to be a visionary in photography then you’ll end up a dinosaur and, historically, we now how that ends.

Artists of the Fortnight

Dennis Hopper's photographyTony points us toward the amazing photography of Dennis Hopper. Sadly, Dennis is no longer with us but his work in photography remains with us. Rob believes that actors often make great photographers because they live their lives being creative. Regardless of why, Hopper himself has a body of work that is poignant and strong. Anybody who wants to get into the fine art side of portrait photography would do well to take a good long look at Dennis Hopper’s work.

For our artist, we look at the well-known Rembrandt. If there was ever a true Renaissance Man, Rembrandt was it. Schooled in math, science, art, literature and history, Rembrandt used that learning to develop a style of portraiture known for its sharpness and, of course, it’s lighting.

Don’t forget – Our Photography Book Review

Head on over to www.PolarizingImages.com now and take part in our book discussion, The Art of Photography!

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Selling Photography – Photography Today Is Killing Off the Dinosaurs

You want disagreement and yelling? Today we look at the people who are in the business of selling photography and are dragging their feet when it comes to change. But don’t worry, it’s a self-correcting problem.

We start off right on  target until Tony asks a seemingly innocent question – does a store really need a traditional, trained sales staff? Then shit gets serious and we think Rick may have started crying. He didn’t: turns out he was just speaking into a muted mic. But before we get onto the topic about selling photography, we need to bitch and moan about why Australia just wants to fuck with you and how a shark got it right in the 1960′s. Tony also thinks a sting ray got one right a few years ago. Too soon, Tony, too soon.

Selling Photography – Do We Even Need To?

We actually intended this to be more photography-related than it ended up being, but the reason for this topic is because a large and well-established camera store in Chicago is closing its doors and the guys think it was their inability – or unwillingness – to adapt to the photography industry today. It certainly wasn’t the skill level or experience of their staff as that has always been top-notch. But the store died the death of a thousand cuts. An online presence that was virtually non-existent, major retailer for Nikon and Canon but where were the other manufacturers, a lack of related tools (no audio gear, very little video support, no computers or software…)

Selling photography in today's industry is killing off the dinosaurs

Winston Churchill by Yousef Karsh

So what is more important when selling photography: a sales team or an educational team? Tony vehemently argues for the education, Rick passionately defends sales staff with photography experience, and Rob finds himself leaning toward Camp Tony where he’d usually be the first to call bullshit!

What are your thoughts? Does selling photography today require sales staff or educators? Leave us a comment on the site, call in your thoughts, or Tweet your reaction.

Our Fortnight Artists

We even manage to have a heated argument about our photographer, Yousef Karsh. You may not know his name, but you sure as hell know his work. Famous for his portrait of Churchill (seen here), he shot a lot of historically famous and significant people – many of those shots are still the iconic image for those people.But really, who amongst us today can have such access to famous, important, and polar opposite figures? Probably no one. Maybe an era really is over.

We don’t have “an” artist today. Rather, Tony introduces us to an artists’ collective, Papunya Tula (go ahead, sing their name to Hakuna Matata, you know you want to). This is a group of Aboriginal artists whose art is as much a form of communication as it is visual beauty. Their work reminds Rob of the folding lines found in Origami.

Oh yeah, Welcome you ignorant masses!

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Regrets About Your Photography? If You Could Change Anything…

Do You Have Regrets About Your Photography?

We regret nothing! That’s a crock of shit, yes we do! Okay, maybe this isn’t so much about regrets but, knowing what we do now about the photography industry, if we could go back 10 years, what would we do differently?

A slow start as we have to do a debrief on Tony’s trip and we have a hard time focusing (don’t worry, it’s just the booze talking) but we eventually get down to an excellent discussion about what we wish we could go back in time and what choices we made that we’d like to do over. We’re typically in agreement that we all wish we had adopted a digital workflow a lot earlier.

What about you - any regrets in the photography choices you've made?To sum it up, Rob wishes he had gotten into digital earlier, Tony wishes he had learned Photoshop earlier, and Rick wishes he had learned to drink Negronis a lot earlier. But we might be wrong about that. One thing for sure, Rick doesn’t regret his lack of use of social media!

How about you? If you could go back and change any choices you made, what would they be? Let us know!

Our Artist of the Fortnight

Tonight, Rick introduces us to Cindy Sherman, well known for her self-portraits. But don’t dismiss that, she’s an original and they are not the kind of self-portrait that you’re likely thinking of! Some absolutely amazing work but to fully appreciate some of her pieces, you’ll need to get used to her style first. Go ahead and do that, though, it’s worth it.

Tony (surprise, surprise) chooses another musical group. This time, he takes a band from Akron, OH, the Black Keys.

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Impact – From Journalists to Paparazzi, We All Play a Role. Episode 21

We often talk about the role of photography in society but we haven’t said too much about the impact that the photographers themselves have on our society and in our culture. It’s a pretty important topic today! Rob treats this episode as his “experimental” stage in which he doesn’t swear and remains sober for the entire episode. Yeah, that kind of freaked out Rick and Tony, too.

Oh, and sorry about being a day late – Rob’s been traveling!

Today’s topic on the impact of photographers has an even more international flavor this week: Rick remains in the USA, Tony is still mired somewhere deep South in the land of kangaroos, Fosters Lager, and Paul Hogan while Rob joins in from Vancouver, BC. But don’t worry, all should be back to normal for the next show.

From The Impact of Photo Journalists…

We start off talking about the impact that photo journalists have in society, by their willingness (when necessary) to put themselves in harm’s way in order to bring truth to light. We can’t really over-emphasize just what an important role this is. To some degree, each of us has a slightly different take on what makes a person a photojournalist but, in the end, we all agree on how important their impact is in our society.

…To the Impact of Paparazzi…

Bottom-feeding scum suckers who thrive on the misery of others and provide a “service” to bat-shit-crazy cat ladies who are addicted to celebrity gossip. ‘Nuff said.

…To the Impact of the General Public

What? The general public with their cameras have a positive impact on our society and culture? Damned straight, skippy!

Our Artists:

Today’s photographer, courtesy of Tony, is Mat Marrash. All three of us love his barber shop set. Definitely worth checking out! Also, if  you’re anything like us and love alternate printing processes, Mat’s got some beautiful carbon and wet plate collodion printing techniques!

Our artist is someone who any lover of architecture should know, Antoni Gaudi. Most famous for his Sagrada Familia basillica in Spain, we have an artist whose impact on culture and society is without question. It’s been almost 90 years since his death but his beautiful basillica is still being constructed. As we’ve said in past shows, that is a legacy!

And please let us know what you think about all this – leave a comment!

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