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Into the Looking Glass, Part II (Let’s Try This Again)

Wow, our first two-part series! Into the Looking Glass continues this week with a greater focus on the art and business of photography. In episode 14, we ended up being pretty technology-heavy which is never the intent of our podcasts. And, as time ran out on us (yet we continued to blather on and on), we didn’t have time to address the other areas of where we have seen the business and the art of photography come from and where we see it going.

Rick's absinthe fountain that we discuss in the opening.

Every episode, we start with what we are drinking. Into the Looking Glass is no different! Rick refers to his homemade absinthe fountain and here it is.

Today, we try to right that wrong.

Business & Art as Seen Through the Looking Glass

So many topics and rants in today’s episode. From Rob bitching (again) about the cavalier approach that people have toward intellectual property (and the unintentional theft) to the value we place on the art we hang on our walls. From the bad signal-to-noise today to a great quote (well, “great” according to Rob):

Many of the pix out there on the internet are such a no-frills, in-your-face slam dunk of plastic sexiness that the creator with his camera seems not to be an inquisitive, interested gentleman, but more like a drunk at a bar sidling up to a hot chick and blurting out, ‘Wanna boff? (Joe McNally)

Also, by listening to this episode, you’ll hear a for-realz disagreement between Tony and Rob as to the role of the traditional business model vs. the idea that maybe it’s okay to let your work get stolen. Spoiler alert: Rob thinks that Tony is fucked up!

Today’s Photographer and Artist

Into the Looking Glass - Arthur Frellig

When talking about the Looking Glass and where photography has come from, you can't skip over Arthur Fellig (aka Weegee)

When talking about the Looking Glass and where photography has come from, you can’t skip over Arthur Fellig (aka Weegee)

Tony’s choice for photographer today is the New York City street photographer, Arthur Fellig. Also know as Weegee, he was known for start black and white crime photography. Don’t know him? We’re willing to bet that you know his work!

Our artist is Anna Mary Robertson Moses, much better known as the renowned  American folk artist Grandma Moses. Want to know our opinions about her? Make sure you listen to the show and leave us your comments. We have some listeners who have been fantastic about leaving comments – even though sometimes they disagree with what we’ve said – and we could not appreciate that more!

A final thought… There is no “X” in espresso!

Thanks for listening to Part II of Into the Looking Glass – don’t forget to leave us your comments!

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