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A Hobby, A Book, and Something Else That Inspires – Episode 62

What inspires you, I mean besides photography?

Rounding out the who “seven questions” series we did, Tony thought we should tell more about ourselves and what inspires us. But, this time, talk about the non-photography related things that inspire our photography. Specifically, he wanted us to reveal one hobby, one book and one other thing (yeah, it is annoyingly vague). So we did. Continue reading »

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Is That Your Style or Are You In a Rut? Episode 52

StyleStyle? Or a Rut?

Style – it’s a word we use on a regular basis to describe our artistry. hell, even in our previous shows we’ve talked about how important it is to have a definitive style in photography. But, can that style become a crutch for never evolving? Can we get stuck in our own artistic rut and happily… ignorantly continue on while thinking we’re just maintaining our “style”?

That’s the topic for this episode and even the three of us have a hard time figuring  it out. And do we even answer the two critical questions: how do we identify when we’re stuck and how do we power through it?

Whatever. How about you, our intelligent and sober (presumably) listeners weigh in and tell us what you think!

Tonight’s Artists

Taking a good look at a young Canadian director and film maker (who just happens to be related to one of the co-hosts), Miles Jay. Specifically, we’re highlighting a short film he directed called Hollywood and Vines. It’s short (4:30) and constructed entirely with clips from Vine. Pretty awesome and, for those of you who think social media is a passing fad and its impact on visual arts is unimpressive, guess again. Watch the video below.

As for our “other medium” artist? Tony chose (so you know it’s gonna be fucked up) Rockstar Games. Who? The gaming geniuses behind Grand Theft Auto 5. Seriously, it’s a pretty amazing game! Check out this review.

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My Work is So Great, So Great Is My Work – Episode 50

We took a different path today and decided to look at our own work. After two years (almost) of the podcast, we thought,”what the hell” and talked about the work we have done, where we have come from, and where we think we are going.

It gets a little sugary and supportive – certainly a departure from other podcasts – but we’ll be back next time with our normal crap. But this is a really decent show and gave all three of us an opportunity to look the other guys’ work and talk about it. You can definitely see a progression in the work we’ve done and the artistic vision that we’ve developed since starting Polarizing Images back in September 2011.

Take a look at the stuff below and let us know what you think. C’mon, leave us a comment – you know you want to!

The Work of Others (Our Artists)

Lewis Hine is our photographer of the fortnight. His work for the National Child Labor Committee changed the way the US looked at the use of child labor. He has some of the most iconic works of America’s industrial age. Except, like Rob discovered, some of his most well-known work isn’t actually his. ^#%&# Internet!

FREEBIRD! Yup, Lynyrd Skynyrd (the original group) is our artist. What do we have to say about them? Listen the show, then, dammit!



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When Does the Artistic Outrank the Technical? Episode 46

Artistic? You want artistic? How about Rob opening with the last line of Happy Birthday for Rick’s special day. Although, once you’ve had as many birthdays as Rick has, they’re no longer very special.

Artistic Versus Technical

We’ve had similar conversations before: what’s more important, how do we balance the two, etc. But in tonight’s episode, Continue reading »

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A Retrospect – 1+41=42, Episode 42

Looking Back

Tonight is a different show. Any fool can take a look back at earlier shows when they hit a special milestone but it takes creative and talented fools to do it when there’s no particular reason. And we are, if nothing else, creative and talented fools! So, we took the opportunity this week to do a retrospect. Continue reading »

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Is Software the New Barrier to Entry? PI41

The New Barrier to Entry?

We start off with Rick trying to dial back his (seemingly) hatred of the French but then he turns his attention to the Basque region of Spain. But, hey, he does an Irish friend. If you’re familiar with the other podcasts that Tony is involved in, you’ve gotta be shocked that he is the voice of reason and sanity on Polarizing Images!

And don’t forget the new segment! Send us the Continue reading »

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Networking – Episode #33, Networking with Other Photographers

How Important is Networking?

Networking? Really? Yeah, believe it or not, a lot of photographers (the three of us included) are firmly of the opinion that our art, skills, and techniques can only improve when we’re willing to talk to other photographers. Whether we are giving/receiving critiques, asking/answering questions, or just shooting the shit with other people behind the lens, networking is where we grow.

We’ve bitched (a lot, actually) about those shooters who keep everything to themselves and refuse to share their “secrets”. To those guys (and, yeah, they’re almost always guys) we say, “spoiler alert – your secrets are nothing more than cobbled-together tricks you read in widely available books.” So get over yourselves.

As Rob points out, this podcast only exists because Tony believes in networking with other photographers and Rob believes in the same. Think about some of the great guests we’ve had on the show: from Ted Forbes to Giulio Sciorio to Steven Chappell: all great photographers who also understand the importance of collaborating.

I could go on, but you get the point! BTW, speaking of collaborating, don’t forget to leave a comment or call our line and leave a message.

Our Artists

Today's topic is networking with other photographers.

Leonard Nimoy’s Shekhina

With two of the three guys being Trekkies, it’s a good thing that the third (Rob) is writing the show notes – that’s how we’ve avoided the obvious Star Trek references when we look at our highlighted photographer, Leonard Nimoy. Tony and Rick are both wrong when they guess that Rob’s main attraction to Mr Nimoy’s photography is the dance section. Nope, gotta check out Shekina. It’s his interpretation of the feminine nature of God. With a fine art twist, of course! Like his work or not, Rob is completely entranced with his photography!

Rick, keeping with his “Seriously, WTF?!” artist theme, chose the director David Lynch as the featured artist. From Twin Peaks to Blue Velvet, Lynch’s non-traditional approach to film making is a real inspiration not only to the three guys but should be to all photographers (and artists) looking to work outside of that proverbial “box”. Nimoy and Lynch, as artists, may be too famous for networking with but there are plenty of artists who are following their paths. We just have to find them and learn to trust their vision.

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And Your Unsolicited, Adulterated Opinion Would Be…

Opinions, they say, are like assholes – everybody has one. And we’re no different… we’re assholes with opinions! Which opinions matter, whose opinions matter, and why should we even care? Pretty basic questions but they need to be answered.

What’s Your Opinion?

Look, we all from time to time have the need to get praise and flattery from people. And, if it’s from people we like or respect, even better! So, tonight the guys open up and reveal what it means to each of them to get critiques and opinions from people we respect and admire. Even when what they have to tell us may not be what we want to hear. C’est la vie…

But this is one topic that takes advantage of the differences between Rick, Rob, and Tony. We’re each at different stages in our photography and it shows when we talk about whose opinions and critiques we seek and listen to.

Our Artists

So, this is episode 22 and, unbelievably, Rob has waited this long to highlight one of the photographers he admires most – Jim Brandenburg. Having watched Jim’s DVD, Captured By The Light, several years ago, Rob has become heavily influenced not just by his photographic work but by who Brandenburg is as a photographer. If you ever think you’ve been handed a tough challenge, read up on his 90-day one-frame-per-day shoot. Then quite yer bitchin’. Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Our artist is Eduardo Chillida. Okay, apologies to Mr. Chillida: first Tony tried to pronounce his name and then Rob took a stab at it. Two different pronunciations and both are probably just slaughtering the way it’s supposed to sound. No matter, he’s still a brilliant artist and Tony does one helluva fine job relating Chillida’s work to photography.

So, what’s your opinion? Let us know!

Oh, and buy shit through our affiliate links, please? We’re running out of server space!

Watch the trailer for Jim Brandenburg’s Chased By The Light

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Like it? But I Don’t Like It!

Finally, Tony and Rob disagree on a topic. And we like it!

Like or Dislike?

Are you one of those people that hits “Like” on a regular basis? Actually, it doesn’t matter if the button says “Like” or subscribe or list or add or… could you possibly be contributing to the dilution of photography’s impact? In today’s topic Tony, Rick, and Rob talk about the Like button and how we see it as being a problem for photography.

The questions we (try) to cover today are:

  • Are people just hitting the like button with out thinking?
  • How does this impact photographers?
  • Has it killed personal tastes?
  • How do we stop from falling into the trap of just hitting the like button?
  • Are there any upsides to this?
  • Is there anyway/need to solve the problems it causes?
  • Is it possible that, when we require standards, we can make art less accessible? Art needs to be accessible but where is the line between being available and just being inundated with 500 crappy pictures of a person’s vacation?
We get on a pretty good bent about whether we need to have people adhere to standards, should we go to smaller, more personal communities, or even look back about 10 years on the internet when Web Rings were all the rage? The one thing that becomes clear in this episode is that we don’t have an answer (just a bunch of opinions).

Please leave a comment on the post to let us know if you agree or disagree. Better yet, let us know what you think is a viable solution to the problem.


Today’s artist is Norman Lindsay.

Today’s photographer is Joe McNally. Oh, and here’s the link to the YouTube video of Joe that Rob refers to in the episode. This guy goes places that none of us three would ever dare! Well, maybe Rick.

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Stagnating as an Artist and a Photographer

Have you found yourself in a period of stagnation? Whether it’s a short and temporary “artist’s block” or a longer-term period of not producing your art, at some point in time, all of us experience a period where we just don’t produce any art.

Listen to today’s episode where Tony & Rob are joined by Rick, Rob’s long-time photography partner and friend. We discuss the reasons behind falling into a slump, how to recognize the fact that we are stagnating, and possible ways to break out of it. This is a longer episode but easy flowing and it goes by quickly. Does being accountable to another artist help or hinder? This is a show full of questions, but short on answer – and that’s a good thing, I think.

Today’s showcased photographer is Jeff Wall and our artist is Bob Kingsmill.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Flickr group and follow us @PolarizingImage (yeah, one too many letters in our name).

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