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Vision – Photographers, What Do You See?

The Photographer’s Vision? Yeah, that’s right, today’s topic is all about what we see as photographers. Rob, Rick, and Tony spend a lot of time (yeah, a lot… sorry about that) talking about what it means to each of us to have a vision. Whether we try to preconceive an outcome, have the ability to see a picture unfold in front of you, or simply live in the moment, vision is a critical aspect of being an artist. Otherwise, aren’t we just shooting for the sake of shooting and hoping for the best?

We think so.

Still, having vision can mean different things. As a fine art photographer, Rob tries to create the image in his head first, so that he knows what pieces he needs to bring together to bring life to the vision. Tony, on the other hand, limits his preconception to the scene and environment as it unfolds around him. Rick manages to take a hybrid approach.

What Vision Means to Us:

Vision and evolution of art isn’t something that comes from a single influencing source, but rather we evolve on our own by using the building blocks created by the vision of other artists. We don’t steal ideas but we certainly do allow ourselves to be inspired by others. But you already knew that because you’ve been listening to our show for a while and you know we love being inspired by others.

Vision is instrumental for all artists, regardless of the medium that they use. Federation Square in Melbourne is such an example of forward thinking vision by an architect. Image (c) by Robyn Flett, licensed under Creative Commons

Now you folks really need to tell us what you think! How important a role, if any, does vision play in your photography or art? Is it important? Do you conceptualize the picture before you try to shoot it?

Today’s Artists:

Art Wolfe – nature and landscape photographer, tv host, and amazing artist (in Rob’s humble opinion). Even Tony comes around when he see’s Art’s black and white photos.

The Melbourne Federation Square building – not an artist this week but a piece of functional art!

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