Learn More About Rob, Tony, and Rick – The Polarizing Images Cast

Meet Rob


Curious about the team and who we are?

Rob (the Chicago guy) is a transplanted Canadian; first from Winnipeg then Vancouver. He works primarily in the studio focusing on fine art – either still life images or the human form. Find Rob at:

Rob’s artist statement:

I am a fine art photographer whose vision is about balance between the subject and negative space. The images I shoot are minimalist in nature, devoid of everything except those elements that are critical in achieving an aesthetic of simplicity and purity.

This is balanced harmony.



Tony (the Aussie) is an urban landscape photographer just starting out on his photographic journey. A collector of film cameras and a proponent and advocate (evangelist?) of alternative printing processes. Find Tony at:

Tony’s artist statement:

I’m an artist who uses simple photographic tools to enable me to paint with light and have it recorded on physical media. I place a high value on the finished print using both traditional and alternative processes to achieve my vision.

Rick (another Chicago guy) is the owner of Chicago Digital Artistry and Photography studio in Chicago. Find Rick at:

Rick’s artist statement:

The camera is my time machine. Each photograph is a captured moment in time never to be relived, but forever to be cherished. My style of photography is all about stories in all their beauty and emotion told on a canvas of light and shadow.